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Viernes Julio 20, 2018

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Web design Trends | Web Design Costa Rica.

web design costa ricaIt’s not a secret for anyone that we live in a virtual society, since most of us spend a considerable time on line. Believe it or not, most of the things that we used to look for in life are available in digital platforms nowadays. Yes, that’s what you have heard, instead of looking for signs on the streets we look at some ads at certain areas of a page, for example.
This phenomenon happens in either a website or a store and that’s why companies must be very careful about how they conduct marketing in both “worlds”.

There are several elements that compose a local store such as the front design, the colors, the shelves, the little details etc. These features together create a special connection between the client and your brand. Well, I have to tell you that things don’t change that much when it comes to the web world. The user will visit your page and all those elements (logo, page layout, navigability etc.) are a determinant factor to win customer loyalty or blow your clients away. The experience you provide your customers on your website should bring that “little thing” - not too little since they stand you out from your competitors.

You only get one chance to make a first impression

Even though it may sound contradictory saying that by following something we are going to be different, but by noticing what people are doing, we will be better able to go further. That’s why we will look ahead and see some web design trends for 2014.

1. Typography.

Throughout the human story, typographies have always played an important role when we talk about design, now it’s time to take them to the web world. You might think this is not important, but imagine if we had written this article using just one font style… That would be boring, huh? …Typography is a matter of personality.

web design costa rica2. Bye, bye shadows.

Flat arrived and it seems it will stay for longer. The excessive use of shadows and gradients will make your website look a bit old fashioned, like if you were in the beginning of this millennium. Hey, don’t throw the entire site away, what about taking what you already have and make it a little bit easier to digest? Use simple color schemes, by saying this we mean 2 or at maximum 3 colors, and let’s just raise attention to the important things.

3. Wide areas kicking sliders.

Whether you have a blurred picture in your background or a cool illustration with a few texts these things are becoming the new attention-grabbers, putting the sliders into the memories box. However, that’s not a must; great websites have also been made without them. site above.

web design costa rica

4. Mobile to desktop…

People are merely addicted to their smartphones, before they get to one place they have already looked for everything (location, recommendations, price etc.) in the mobile. You should consider this fact and provide relevant content to your clients. Tip: Start designing from mobile to desktop not the other way around.
I’ve noticed all these facts by visiting several websites from important companies all over the world, and the way all of them have added these details. People want things faster, simpler, they go straight to the point but when it’s about staying they want a place which makes them feel in the warmest house, we have to appeal to their emotions and customers will thank us.

Gabriel Garcia C.